The Future of Niche Vehicle Manufacturing

With low upfront investment costs, requiring minimal tooling, jigs and fixtures, our innovative technologies unleash the potential for low volume electric vehicle programs, a game changing enabler for niche vehicle manufacturers.

PACES Platform

Unlocking the Potential

Watt Electric Vehicle Company has developed its PACES (Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard) Platform to enable the electrification of low volume and specialist niche vehicles.

What is it?

PACES Platform uses the Flex-Tech® lightweight interlocking extrusion system and laser-cut/cnc-folded aluminium sheet with chemical pre-treatment, high strength structural adhesive, single stage cure, powdercoat and finishing to deliver accurate, stiff and durable core structures.

When this is combined with pierce resistant WEVC Lightweight Laminate as an integral battery baseplate, and the adoption of Battery Direct to Chassis build philosophy, an integrated structural battery is realised which further increases the weight saving and allows the entire platform to be very stiff and structurally efficient.


PACES Platform modular architecture can be applied to almost any size or shape of EV – across FWD, RWD and AWD layouts – and complies with National and European Small Series Type Approval standards.  


PACES Platform is composed of novel lightweight extrusions and precision laser cut components that interlock and bond together in an innovative single stage coat and cure process, a patent protected chassis architecture system called FlexTech®.  

Low cost

PACES Platforms are low cost, structurally efficient and very accurate, requiring little upfront investment in expensive tooling or post-assembly machining, reducing manufacturing cost.

Case Study

The WEVC Ultra-light Electric Coupe project