About us

Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEV) is both a manufacturer of lightweight electric vehicles and a technology development leader, enabling the specialist commercial and passenger vehicle industries to go electric thanks to its unique EV platform. WEV’s sophisticated modular architecture can support the production of almost any EV from small passenger and sports cars to large commercial vehicles.

What we do

Watt Electric Vehicles (WEV), is a pioneer in the design, engineering, and manufacture of low-to-medium volume EVs. It supports passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers and specialist commercial vehicle converters in the transition to an electric future.

Commercial Vehicles

The eCV1 range is the company’s first commercial vehicle, using its breakthrough, proprietary PACES (Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard) e-platform - a sophisticated, yet cost-effective modular electric vehicle architecture.

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Passenger Vehicles

It is flexible, scalable, lightweight and cost effective, an adaptable bonded aluminium platform specifically designed for manufacturing up to 5,000 vehicles per annum.

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Platform Services

Batteries are fitted directly to the primary structure, optimising stiffness and minimising weight. The clean sheet design means eCV1 is significantly lighter as well as supporting multiple body designs. PACES complies with ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval safety standards

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Committed to a Sustainable Future

WEV is committed to best practice on the road to net zero, using sustainable and recyclable materials and processes. Our vehicles are designed from the ground up to deliver whole life savings in both cost and CO2 for customers by planning for midlife upgrades for both drivetrain and trim around a carry-over PACES platform, giving a target useable life of 20+ years rather than the more typical 5-7 years.

In addition, we will be offering long term commercial vehicle partnerships with customers through alternative ownership models, charging and support infrastructure that benefits fleet users, including fleet operation and optimisation as a service, servicing and maintenance, refresh and upgrades. We plan to re-purpose materials at end of vehicle life including viable “second-life” battery applications. 


Our vision is to unlock the future for manufacturers of low volume and niche vehicles by offering affordable and sustainable lightweight vehicle structures and assemblies.

For the first time, WEV offers a fully tested and verified, low cost alternative route to small series production. The inherent flexibility of our scalable PACES E-platform means that the structure can be optimised for a wide variety of applications.

This breakthrough is brought about by utlising our FlexTech® Extrusion System to provide a fundamental spaceframe and complementing that with aluminium or composite panels in a complete structure.

The platform provides the basis for a whole new range of bespoke 'last-mile' vans, trucks and buses that are highly customisable, with different body styles.

Future Focused

"The enthusiastic reception to our light weighting and circular economy design philosophy has been overwhelmingly positive, with the fleet operator industry recognising that a disruptive approach is required to meet the incredibly challenging environmental targets and timelines being set by global governments. Our business will be part of the solution."

Neil Yates – Chief Executive Office(CEO)

Meet the highly experienced leadership team


The leadership team has vast industry experience and includes specialists in niche vehicles, aluminium structures, and vehicle software including Battery Management Systems (BMS)