The eCV1 Chassis Cab and Van

Lightweight through innovative engineering

The eCV1 uses the company’s breakthrough, proprietary PACES Platform, a sophisticated, yet cost-efficient modular electric vehicle architecture.

Developed to support commercial vehicle manufacturers and specialist vehicle converters in the transition to an electric future, PACES Platform complies with ISO regulations and exceeds European Small Series Type Approval safety standards.    

Its cell-to-chassis system means batteries are fitted directly to the primary structure, optimising stiffness, minimising weight and maximising payload.

The eCV1 Range

The eCV1 Chassis cab is the core of the range of van derivatives. WEVC will produce both chassis cab and panel van versions from the factory available in varying wheelbases and battery packs to suit different applications. Third party niche vehicle converters can order chassis cabs with some bespoke dimensions and pickup points to suit their conversion requirements. 

The eCV1 platform features a central driving position, which allows a safer kerbside exit for the operator, whichever side of the road the vehicle is driving or parked on. The cabin can be configured as a one-, two- or three-seater vehicle, with the large glass house providing superb visibility making the vehicle safer to drive and easier to manoeuvre and park. A further benefit of the central driving position is that the A-pillars have been repositioned inboard, thus reducing frontal area and drag.

Advanced E-Platform Technology

Flexible, scalable, lightweight and cost-efficient, WEVC’s PACES (Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard) Platform architecture features bespoke aluminium lightweight extrusions and ultra-precise laser-cut and CNC-folded pieces, which ingeniously interlock and bond together, creating a technical innovation known as FlexTech®.

Chassis Cab
Drop Side
Panel Van
Luton Van